30 September 2006

Man make fire!

After giving last weekend a miss due to illness (kids and me), popped down in the week to do a bit more. Decided to see if I could get a bonfire going, and oh yes! Started off quite small, bit turned into something a little bigger than expected! But very satisfying to see those blackberries go up in flames, and so quickly. Fortunately all perfectly safe and no-one else around to smoke out - well apart from me. Burned about a third of the brambles cut down so far.

Cut a bit more of the hedge back and cleared some glass away, but over did it after recent illness and spent the last couple of days 're-recovering'. No pictures, but a bit disillusioned as it seems so long to get anywhere. Probably fed up due to being ill.

Hopefully order some garlic in the next week (from Garden Organics) and get it planted next weekend. Think that will be it on the planting front for a while though whilst try and sort some structure out for the rest of the plot, and attempt to tame the hedge. Picked up a leaflet about hedge laying at South Yorkshire Wood Fair today - www.hedgelaying.org.uk Obviously that would be a good way to go, but far too much to do so will continue chopping, hacking, etc. with it.


Welsh Girl's Allotment said...

Hi, I am glad you are all better, no you can't have my Dad - he hasn't finished on my plot yet !!! I have been stone picking this morning ready for the rotivator to go through and I hate stones - I think I'd prefer to have wonky carrots than do that job again !

Head Burro said...

Hi there - great blog :)

I haven't had a fire yet (I grow in my surburban garden rather than an allotment) but once the weather turns and people aren't putting washing out, I've got a ton of stuff to offer up to Arthur Brown :-D