16 September 2006

A bed!

Having spent a couple of hours on the allotment yesterday (Friday) and today, the vast majority of the blackberries have been cleared. Well, I say cleared, I fear I'll be 'clearing' them every year for many a year to come, but they have at least been cut down to the ground.

The one good thing about them though is that they do act as very good ground cover and surprise most other weeds. So here is the view from the entrance this morning:

I have to say that the picture do the plot justice. Obviously still lots more to do (that hedge on the left, not to mention the small matter of some digging) but encouraging what has been achieved so far.

The Bed
Today I decided to dig out a small area and add some compost from the home composter. A couple of hours later I managed to dig out about 4 square metres. The soil is very good but infested with the roots of various weeds. However, we now have our first bed.

The plan is to plant some garlic here in a week or so - primarily because it's one of the few things we can plant now and doesn't need much room. As an added bonus we do like and use quite a bit of garlic.

Besides this manage to tidy up the entrance a little and cut back a small section of hedge. This will be this next main job, along with attempting to burn some of the mountain of rubbish that has been cut down from the allotment.

Just as a footnote, I seem to be having great difficulty in walking past any skips at the moment without peering inside to see what I could use. There are many skips around here and quite a bit I could use, but I have to keep reminding myself that I'm not quite ready for it yet.

Maybe down tomorrow, not sure yet.

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welsh girls allotment said...

Hi, I hope you are all ok and progresing well, I am looking forward to your next post I hope you've been able to get your garlic in, if the weather holds fine I hope to be putting some onions and spring cabbage in tomorrow but the weather is still looking iffy