11 September 2006

The end is in sight!

Well I can see from end of the plot to the other. Still a lot to do but after just over an hour yesterday (Sunday) I can definitely see progress - sadly forgot to take the camera.

After further investigation I'm not convinced the cold frame was actually a cold frame. It's quite big and there is lots of chicken wire around the allotment, so... Still it's not falling apart completely so the potential is there to use it as a cold frame. Not too many more blackberries to cut down now which will hopefully mean all the scratches on my forearm will have a chance to heal. Left arm still aching from tetanus jab the other day, which also came with Polio and diphtheria vaccinations as an added bonus!

Met the people taking on No. 17 next door. They've done really well in clearing their site in a short period of time, so hoping to use this as inspiration to 'keep up with the Jones'! Apparently the site used to be thriving and full of people, sadly about 50 years ago though. But you can drive down the path by all accounts to be alongside your allotment (preferably with a combine harvester to clear the way), which will be useful for delivering manure and removing rubbish like glass. I guess I'll need to speak to the allotment office about that and ask them about clearing the paths at the same time.

Still planning what to plant and where, but hopefully clear enough space to plant some garlic and raspberries in the next month or so. Well you've got to have something to aim for! Possibility of reinforcements in one of the next couple of weekends which will be a great help in cutting down the 'hedge' to a manageable size. Realized with it being so inhospitable at the moment it is not place to take the children, but hopefully clear a patch for them to play in soon(ish) which in turn will allow both of us to work on the allotment at the same time.

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