25 November 2008

And then there was nothing

Having only managed a few fleeting visits here and there recently, not much to report. Plot no 2 remains largely neglected as I've only managed a couple of hours in the past couple of months. To be honest there's not an awful lot growing up there since I picked the apples and I'm just removing the current bed structure and generally making a mess. It's looking pretty desolate up now and when I visited on Sunday it was far too cold to stand still and do things like take photographs...!

Down on plot no 1 the leaves have disappeared from the trees and you can now see across the site. Again it's pretty desolate but I do have leeks and Brussels growing down there. Neither of which are doing very well - the leeks are very thin and I have no idea why (suggestions gratefully received!) and the sprouts have largely 'blown', but I think this is due to the ground not being firm enough. They both still taste good though, which is the important thing. Apparently not been a great year for leeks on the site and I'm changing the variety of sprouts I grow next year as I've not been happy with them.

Can't imagine getting lot of time on them this side of Christmas either so will have to console myself with some seed orders...