5 September 2006

Where's the Rhubarb?

We are now the proud owners of plot no. 18, Hagg House, Sheffield!

Having purchased a new pair of secateurs, some loppers and some seriously thick gloves, I spent an enjoyable and exhausting couple of hours attempting to discover what the site might look like. Still little the wiser!

I wanted to start in the bottom corner where the light is at its best, but I could get through to that so started about two thirds of the way down. Of course if I was a true allotmenteer I'd have picked all the blackberries before I started chopping them back, but there's still plenty left. My first discovered was the remains of a cold frame, quite a large one. Not sure if the wood will last out and of course the glass is broken nearby. Shortly afterwards an upside down bath, not sure what use that will be but will find some use for it.

By this stage I was quite thirsty and realised I'd left the bottle of water I'd got out on the table at home... Still I did have the radio to keep me company, not much activity on this site at the best of times, but certainly not during the week.

Some time later the rhubarb was discovered! Not looking to good at the moment, but I'm sure it will recover in time. A little disturbed to discover quite a drop (18 inches?) in the bottom third/quarter of the plot but some hacking back later there is a small stone wall, possibly a terrace effect? Right towards the bottom I discovered the brick base and remains of an old greenhouse. Lots of broken glass, but comforting to know that someone obviously had quite a good allotment there some time ago. Beyond that mushrooms! Now I would have had these, but I couldn't get there and not sure if they were in the boundary of our allotment or not.

Right now need to work out how to add pictures. Hopefully get back there Thursday morning with Suzanne for soem more hard work!

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Welsh Girl's Allotment said...

I have just got my first allotment today, I am taking my Dad with with me tomorrow to select which plot would be the best as 90% of the lottie is completely overgrown Good Luck with your lottie and I look forward to seeing the pics as you get yours under control !!