7 September 2006


After another couple of hours on Wednesday afternoon I'm beginning to see the layout a bit better and the remains of previous structures. But first some pictures...

There's an allotment in there somewhere! This was the view from the entrance when we first acquired the plot.

The view back towards the entrance from about two thirds of the way down (the remains of the cold frame in the foreground)

A Comment!
Thanks to Welshgirlsallotment who appears to about to take on a similar plot. Good luck, but it is cheating to get your Dad to remove all the blackberries brambles!

A Second Visit
I managed another couple of hours down on the allotment yesterday (Wednesday) and much to the disappointment of oldest child didn't take him with me due to the uncertainty of what lies below the bits uncovered so far and the amount of glass around.

So much hacking later I discovered the possible terracing was in fact a lower part of the allotment that at one time contained a very large allotment (20+ foot long) and still has an 18 inch brick base that would have supported it. Sadly this also means there is an awful lot of glass and rotten wood to remove. The greenhouse appears to have some sort of trough collecting the water outside with a pipe coming through to the inside of it. There was also a Belfast sink nearby.

I discovered the boundary on the other side of the allotment, a small stone wall running the length of it (I think). Probably cut back/trampled on about a third of the brambles now which is really encouraging, sadly forgot to take camera with me. Day off tomorrow so hoping to take Suzanne down and show her the 'estate'!!! And more importantly get her to start chopping things back as well.

Tomorrow I'll also be having a tetanus jab! After enquiring at the GPs whether I needed one to be on the safe side, they recommended it given it was about 18 years ago since my last one.

Manure? How Much Do You Want?
Fortunately my boss keeps horses and has access to vast amounts of manure, well rotted as well. Even better, he'll deliver! Quite how we get it on site I don't know so I'll be enquiring further at the allotment section at the council. I should probably think about getting a wheelbarrow...

Hopefully more over the weekend, although I really should spend some time with the family!

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