21 February 2010

First seed order

Strangely taking a while to get going with stuff this year, but finally got a seed order in to Plants of Distinction:

Dwarf Bean - Jacobs Cattle Gold
Climbing Bean - Barlotto Lingua de
Brussel Sprout - Bosworth F1
Carrot - Siroco F1
Baby Salad LeavesMized
Pepper - Spanish Tapas Padron
Pepper - Joe's Long Cayenne
Sicilian Rocket Salad Mixed

Positively restrained I think! But then I've still got a £20 voucher for Garden Organic, I've already ordered the potatoes, got my onions (Red Baron and Sturton) from the Hagg Lane Shop - for the princely sum of £2! - and picked up a couple of bags of shallots (Golden Gormet) from Wilkinson's the other day. I had to go to Wilkos when I realised most of my plant pots were in the greenhouse and are now a mass of melted plastic :>(

What a difference a tree makes
Taking inspiration from neighbours down on plot no 1 I started to cut down the tree. The only thing is Jon's does that kind of thing for a living and used a chainsaw. I used a bowsaw.

Surprisingly this is still quite effective, but knackering. I'd like to say I used great skill in getting them to fall just where I wanted but I think it was more down to gravity. I had planned to take the camera down with me for my day at the plot today, but then I hadn't counted on the snow...