1 September 2006

The beginning (almost)

After waiting for two years for someone to die on the Crookes Quarry allotment site here in Sheffield, I have decided to take on an allotment on the Hagg House (roughly) site. More accurately Suzanne has, as due to bureaucracy I couldn't remain on the waiting list for the Crookes Quarry site and apply for a plot on Hagg House... So we are currently in the process of sending paperwork backwards and forwards before it is officially ours.

So why take up a site now, particularly give the state of the whole site? More plots are being taken all the time, not sure why, and hopefully this will give the whole site a boost and make it altogether more hospitable.

So what's it like? It has to be seen to be believed - allotment office, you should try visiting sometime. Fully grow trees have taken over about half of the site and the rest of the plots are covered in weeds (primarily blackberry 'bushes') over six foot tall. Oh and it's set on a steep hill. It's a challenge!

[Pictures to come when 'ownership' is finalised and we can make a start]

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