3 October 2006

"I want a den"

After recent over-exertion and family illnesses we had a short trip down on Sunday together as a family for the first time. Oldest child took some persuading, but eventually came round so long as we promised to build him a den. Now I'd have preferred a shed, but there's no arguing with a 4 year old! Youngest slept in pram for most of the visit - fortunately!

Sometime later he was distinctly unimpressed with my efforts to build something from the bits cut from the hedge - "that's not very good". To be fair to him, it wasn't. But as I said, I've not made one of these before and when you're under the time pressure of a small child, it was never really going to be very good.

Needless to say, apart from cutting some more of the hedge down, didn't get much done. That evening some research was undertaken as to how best build a den, and I think I'll be going for the tepee approach as we have the raw materials cut down from the hedge. I may also be making it before said child comes down as well...

Can begin to see the space we will have to work with and how much bigger it looks for cutting the hedge back, and so much lighter as well. Conversely this does mean more ground to dig. Decided (for the moment anyway!) to clear hedge and to burn rubbish before undertaking any serious digging. Oh and to make the den!

The hedge should provide quite a few 'poles' that can be used to support plants next summer, so it's not all bad news with it. And of course the structure for the den - photos and reaction to follow...

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