6 July 2011

Flowers on the Plot

I was wandering round the plot today with the camera and couldn't help noticing the number of flowers out. Some of them pre-date my time on the plot, some of the are unwanted (i.e. weeds!), some of them are from the fruit and veg and some of them are flowers I've planted for cutting.

So I thought I'd have a little competition to see how many you can name. I say competition, there is no prize other than the glory! So here they are, and I'll give the answers in a few days:

1. They appear every year in the same place, nothing to do with me!

2. Surprising attractive flowers

3. With added greenfly I've just noticed!

4. Miniature version, but going down well so far.

5. The taste of summer?

6. Vastly under rated flower.

7. This one's cheating a bit as it's not out yet.

8. Almost there.

9. One of the last flowers on this plant, before the mice eat them?

10. New one for me, I'd never have got this one if I didn't know what it is!

11. It's all I can do to keep these from taking over the plot.

12. One for the wife.

13. Hopefully keeping the nasties out of the polytunnel.

14. Small at the moment but soon it'll be trying to take over the plot.

15. This one looks quite spooky.

16. Small and delicate.

17. Just about to explode into life.

18. Last and possibly not the best photo, but it's a challenge!
Good luck!


Susan said...

Rob, I've got 16. Should I keep the answers quiet? I don't want to spoil your game. That was fun!

RobD said...

Sixteen??? I'm not sure I can remember that many! Make sure you post your answers in a few days then ;>)

Susan said...

Ok but if they're all wrong don't laugh. :)

Mark Willis said...

Nos. 16 and 18 are the difficult ones. I think I know them, but not sure...
Have you had a lot of aphids this year? I've had loads, in all sorts of colours too - black, green, pink(!). I think they thrived in the warm dry Spring.

RobD said...

Well someone's going to have to post what they think they are first, just no cheating by looking at other answers before posting yours ;>)

Hadn't noticed many aphids so far, it was only when I looked at the pictures I spotted them so maybe my checks aren't as thorough as they should be?!

Anonymous said...

ok I'll have a go at a few:

1. daisy

4. courgette

5. tomatoe

9. broad bean

11. buttercup

14. cucumber? or squash?

Gordon Mason said...

Well, I'll have a go too:

1. daisy or marguerite
2. potato
4. gherkin or cucumber
5. tomato
6. foxglove
7. clover
8. sweet pea
9. broad bean
11 buttercup
12 carnation/pink
13 marigold
14 courgette
15 borage
17 sunflower

Fingers crossed!!

chris said...

And here is my attempt!
1. Marguerite
2. potato
3. chilli
4. gerkhin
5. tomato
6. foxglove
7. onion
8. sweetpea
9. broad bean

Sue Garrett said...

1 Dog daisy
2 Potato
3 Pepper
4 Cucumber
5 Tomato
6 Foxglove
7 Allium or onion
8 Sweet pea
9 Broad bean
10 Dahlia
11 Buttercup
12 Carnation/pink
13 Marigold
14 Squash
16 Dill
17 Sunflower
18 (depends whether it is a wild or cultivated flower) Cow Parsley or orlaya or a herb

northern polytunnels said...

think the pictures are amazing

Susan said...

Ok, my guesses are:
1. Daisy
2. Potato
3. ?
4. Courgette/gherkin
5. Tomato
6. Foxglove
7. ? - looks a bit alium like though..
8. Sweet pea
9. Broad bean
10. Dahlia?
11. Buttercup
12. Carnation
13. French marigold
14. Pumpkin
15. Phacelia
16. Fennel
17. Sunflower
18. Corriander or maybe cumin?

Mo said...

1 Daisy
2 Potato
3 Pepper
4 Cucumber
5 Tomato
6 Foxglove
7 Onion
8 Sweet Pea
9 Broad Bean
10 Dahlia
11 Buttercup
12 Carnation/Pink
13 Marigold
14 Courgette/Squash
15 Phacelia
16 Fennel
17 Sunflower
18 Coriander

Anonymous said...

A quiz! What fun! Feeling rather chuffed as know all, apart from number 15. Looks sort of like borage but its not...