4 October 2010

What's my apple tree - part 2

Glorious day on Saturday, but sadly I was a bit under the weather and didn't want to stray too far from the house. Feeling much better on Sunday, it proceeded to throw it down with rain all day.

Anyhow, moving on... Some people have their dog blogs but me and the mad cat lady of Sheffield seem to prefer cats, so after months of promising the kids some kittens and a tip off from said mad cat lady we're now the proud owners of two bundles of fur. Besides using the vegetable rack as a climbing frame and knocking the squashes on the floor one of them also seemed to take a liking to the apple I picked from my unknown tree, providing a nice background for a close up of the apple as requested:

Gingerbread (the cat) and ???
I picked this a few days ago (the apple!), but I wouldn't say it came from the tree easily - supposedly one of the signs they're ready. A few days later my guinea pig (the wife) and I had a taste:

It's quite juicy but sharp with it. It's not inedible, but whether it's an eater or a cooker the jury is still out. According to my Dad, brown pips are a sign it's ready though. So still none the wise. I'm looking for a local apple day to take them along to to see if anyone else has any ideas???

I also have another problem: there are a lot of apples on each tree, storing them could be a problem. The outhouse is largely full of potatoes and onions and without a serious clear out it's not going to get many apples in it. There's no heating in our bedroom though and space on top of the wardrobe...

Gratuitous cat picture follows:

Florence (front) and Gingerbread (back) lying on top of the shallots
Squash Review
Now Autumn has definitely arrive I think my squashes are over now. They did OK this year. I grew Defender and Goldie for my courgettes. Defender was its usual prolific self, but Goldie was very disappointing really. It produced lots of smaller courgettes - no bad thing - but with thick bitter skin. Don't think I'll be growing them again.

I grew Gemstore for the first time - this looks a bit like a round courgette but has flesh more like a pumpkin, a light yellow/orange colour. The plant has a kind of restrained, sprawling habit and the fruits are a great size to use up in just one meal and are prolific - 26 off two plants! The skins are also quite thick so I'm assuming they'll store well - they're coping quite well with the cats knocking them over as they clamber up the vegetable rack to get to the table.

I only grew Crown Prince for my large pumpkins this year, which is a bit disappointing as I do like the sight of a bright orange pumpkin on the plot. However, all is not lost there as we have several growing down at my Grandads - by all accounts there's a whole lot of different pumpkins down there that are likely to be coming our way as I don't think the rest of the family eat many. I only managed to get three fruits from two plants, and one of them is quite small, but hopefully the taste will make up for that. All three of them feel quite solid though so hopefully a good amount of flesh of them.

If you look carefully, one of the cats is at the top of the picture trying to get in on the action.


Sue Garrett said...

As I understand it brown pips mena ripe too. We have a Peasgood Nonsuch that looks a bit like your apple but hope your apple experts can help.

Unknown said...

the pair of you are well on your way to madness too ... got any carpet left ?

Our new edition is getting braver - currently munching its way through a pouch of felix ... its eating 2-3 pouches a day plus biscuits does that help you with yours ?

Nutty Gnome said...

Ey up Rob. Thanks for visiting my blog - nice to see you. I've enjoyed reading your blog and it's made me very glad I've got a veg garden and NOT two allotment plots!

Our cat is called Ceefer cat, but Last-Born is on at me to get a kitten as she feels deprived - Ceefer is my cat in as much as any cat claims an owner/staff!

Damo said...

Gemstore look good I'll give those a go. No cats here as I'm allergic to them, just a mad dog!

D said...

Hi,I meant to post about Meersbrook Park's Apple and Pear day. It was this Sunday just gone. Sorry! They're very good with advice though so maybe you could take a few over for identification anyway. They have a small orchard there, in the Walled Garden :)

Matron said...

I love Crown Prince squash, one of my favourites. The Autumn show at RHS Wisley next week, Thurs Fri Sat and sun will identify your apples for free if you take half a dozen. Normally this service is very expensive!

RobD said...

Thanks for the tip Matron. Not sure I can justify a trip all the way to Wisley just to identify my apples! Hopefully they're doing the same service at RHS Harlow Carr on one of their events this coming half term.