23 September 2010

What's my apple tree?

Any guesses? The apples are largely red, they were much bigger than this last year, they're not ready yet (late September) and in previous years we've largely cooked with them as they've not tasted so good straight off the tree - but maybe should have left them a bit longer???

And I've got another just like it behind where I was taking the photo from, so I'll be needing to find somewhere to store apples soon! The flash shows that it's getting darker earlier and there's not going to be many evening visits left :>(


Green Lane Allotments said...

Have you a close-up picture of an apple?

Damo said...

The nights are really drawing in now, not much chance to get out after work. Sorry no idea on the apple front!

Linda said...

Not a clue on the apples, but it does seem to be a good year for them.