14 October 2010

Apples, apples, apples

Why do I have two plots on two different sites? It's a question I'm often asked and one I wonder about myself at times. But this is the time of year when I remember why: apples.

It's reached mid-October and I was beginning to worry about my apples on plot no. 2 going 'walkabout'. So I thought I'd pick one or two. Or 150 or so. And after giving another 30+ away I'd say I've probably got as many again still to pick.

They're still a bit reluctant to come away from the tree even this late in the year, but when they get home they undergo careful inspection and are separated into the good and ugly - the bad already having being left on the compost heap.

The Good
 The good I'm giving a quick clean and then wrapping them individually in newspaper and storing them in trays.

The bad are hanging around waiting to be used up in whatever recipes we can find - the 'bad' are those with any blemishes on that probably won't keep so well. We're going to be busy this weekend!

The Ugly

So far on the list of recipes are: oatmeal, apple and cinnamon cookies, spiced apple chutney and apple fruit leather. Any further suggestions gratefully received. This is the point where my planned apple press would have come in handy, but alas finances didn't allow for that this year.

Still none the wiser as to what they are but we're off to Harlow Carr on either 23 or 24 October when (hopefully!) all will be revealed.


Green Lane Allotments said...

Our apples are all picked and many eaten or cooked and frozen. We could do with somewhere cool but not accessible to mice in which to store them, House is too warm and in shed, garage or greenhouse mice can get at them. I did wonder about one of those metal or plastic style sheds.

RobD said...

Top of the wardrobe in our bedroom is nice and cool, and there just happened to be some space... ;>)

Damo said...

Perfect for a cider press! Our friends up the road let most of their apples fall so we are up to our necks in them, mainly stewed apple for the kids.

Craig Rockfield said...

Apple glut this year hey Rob? Same everywhere. Even shops can't get rid with their buy one get one free offers on apples and pears.

RobD said...

Glut, yes I guess so, but I see it as a challenge to get them all used up ;>) Hopefully the good ones will store for a while yet though

Woody Wilbury said...

Funnily enough, I made an Apple Scone last night. It's a family favourite which always goes down well and never lasts for very long.

Basic scone recipe but huge quantities - you're looking at one big scone, at least the size of a dinner plate - with, surprise, surprise, lots of apple chunks mixed in & brown sugar sprinkled on top. Yummy.

jane said...

we make applesauce .. put it in plastic bags in the freezer .. great because the bag lie flat .. saves space ..

Linda said...

There's nothing nicer than the scent of stored apples. I remember it from my grandmother's house.

How about making a Dutch apple cake. The recipe I use is this one from The Times: