21 October 2010

It's an allotment blog, what were you expecting?

You just can't beat picture of soil!
This is where my strawberries used to be and has now been properly dug over with some leaves, the remains of a bag of manure and the remains of a bag of rockdust added to the soil - as seen above! Now just have to decide what to put here...?

Confused Strawberries

Over at the freshly weeded (honestly!) new strawberry bed - OK I still need to sort the runners out - they're happily flowering away??? So I moved a bit closer to get a photo and was a little surprised to see strawberries!

Can't see them ripening up now though - LOL.

Meanwhile, in the kitchen...

The apple challenge continues - the challenge being to use as many apples as possible in as many different meals as possible. Apples crumble was a big hit - although it would have been better with toffee as well (according to my son's friend) - but sausage and bean casserole (with sneaky bits of apple), not so good. But that was more to do with the sausages to be honest. Slabs of apples sauce are in the freezer - it doesn't take much cooking for them to turn to sauce - but the biggest hit to date (with the kids) has been apple fruit leather.

After a quick cook on the hob, followed by a quick blitz with the blender, it only needed the 20 hours or so in the oven...

I'm thinking maybe the mixture was a bit too liquid when it went in the oven? But it turned out OK in the end and the kids both took some into school to show their respective classes and give some away. The remaining 'sheet' rolls up quite nicely and should store in the fridge for a while yet - certainly longer than it's going to last!

I'm dragging the rest of the family off to the RHS Harlow Carr 'Taste of Autumn' event this weekend - waiting to see which day looks best on the weather forecast first - to reveal all on the apple tree, with luck. Speaking of which, picked another 50 or so the other day, still plenty left... Currently storing the good ones on top of the wardrobe and in the outhouse, may need to find more room soon!


Damo said...

Pork and apple is one of my favourites cooked in a foil bag in the oven.

What about dried apple rings? Good way of preserving them and a tasty snack.


Green Lane Allotments said...

I've been tidying strawberry beds too and you have to see a before photo to realise how much better they look and I've also a few anaemic looking strawberries. They look worse for wear but the slugs don't seem to mind!

Carole said...

Have you got a recipe for apple fruit leather? It sounds like a good way to use up some apples!

RobD said...

Cook the fruit with some sugar (as per your taste) and some spices. When cooked through blitz with a stick blender, or something similar - remembering to remove cinnamon stick if you put one it! Lay some cling film over a baking tray (the ones with a lip round them).

Pour the mixture on top of the cling film, shake level, then put in the oven on a very low heat for a (long) while. It's ready when you can touch it and it doesn't leave a mark! Mine took around 20 hours which struck me as quite a while, but it was the first time I did it.

There are other more precise recipes available ;>)

Carole said...

Thanks Rob, I'll give it a go!