29 October 2006

We have a play area!

The play area is (almost) finished. After leveling(ish!) the area, covering it with weed fabric and then bark chippings it was open for testing from the children. I put six bags of bark chippings from Wickes (£4 a bag) over the area and I reckon it could do with another couple more (currently sitting on the passenger seat in the car) - hence the almost finished. Took down a few toys and a sun tent - which yes we did need today! - and let them loose on it. As you can see it was strenuous work all that testing.

In progress

Undergoing testing


Obviously it's not going to pass any health and safety checks, but we're not going to leave them there unsupervised. What with that and the tepee (aka eating area) that should keep them our of mischief for a while...

Almost Clear
As well as making provisions for the children, we have managed to clear most of the pile of brambles and remaining hedge cuttings to the side of the allotment, giving an almost clear site now to plan some paths and beds and start some serious digging. In clearing the main pile of brambles in the middle of the allotment, found about 3 old doors and a fair bit of glass. All of the rotten wood has now been taken to the top of the plot awaiting a trip to the tip and all of the glass has (hopefully) been deposited in the old greenhouse, which is the abandoned part of the allotment for now.

It's Christmas!
Well, it's not long now and I happened to remark that a wheelbarrow would be useful down there and my mother-in-law offered to buy me one as a Christmas present. And even better I could get it now and start using it! So once again that nice Wickes store down the road was the supplier. All we need to do now is find out what happened to my manure supply... Fortunately our neighbour at no. 17 has a back up plan where a local farmer will deliver the stuff for £40 a load. Obviously I'd prefer not to pay though!

Seed saving
Thought we'd try and save some seeds from the pumpkin we picked during the holidays - Suzanne made a nice soup and carved a face for Halloween from one of them. No idea what variety it is but they were growing in a field just outside Warwick, so they'll be in with a chance of growing in Sheffield.


welsh girls allotment said...

I love the idea of a play area for the children, I think I will have to have a similar creation ready for the summer holidays when I am sure my daughter will be coming down almost everyday. I've saved some pumpkin seeds I have got them drying out at the moment ready for next year. I have found some garlic sprouting in the back of the fridge - I am going to put in the ground with the attitude if it grows it grows if not its compost !

RobD said...

The play area takes up quite a bit of space, but hopefully it will keep them off the plants (when we get some!), and will double up as a picnic area for all of us come the summer.

I've given up on the pumpkin seed idea, firstly because Suzanne knocked them all over the floor and secondly I'd read they tend to cross to readily and it can be a bit of a lottery what you get next year - which may explain the random courgette plants I had this year...!