24 October 2006

So many people!

A trip down last Saturday with just Suzanne and oldest child. There were people everywhere! Our neighbours at no. 17 were working hard as ever and then we had another visitor looking at the allotment on the other side (no. 43!). We had a chat to them and told them they were at least the 3rd group to look at it so didn't know if it was still available, and about 10 minutes after they left the new tennants of no. 43 did arrive to start clearing it! So quite a lot of the lower allotments on our lane have now been taken and are been actively worked on, which is very promising for the site as a whole. There was even someone in one of the allotments behind ours, which pleased our son greatly as he had someone to play with from school. The only downside to the day was when no. 15 turned up and had a bonfire and smoked us all out - thanks for that Charlie!

So we cleared the hedge cuttings to the top end of the allotment, got rid of the chicken house (sadly, but it was too rotten to keep) and cleared some ground to reveal some soil. All looking promising again now and feeling happier about progress. I bought some (well 100m2 actually!) of weed control fabric of Ebay for the play area primarily, and also to cover the revealed soil - well it was cheap(ish). Hopefully put this down on the play area this week some time as we're all on holiday for half term.

The next task is to clear the remaining brambles at the bottom of the allotment to open up the whole plot and allow us to start putting in some paths and beds. Of course this is on top of finding a place for the rhubarb to go back in, still need to plant the daffs (bit late I know) and tulips, and find somewhere to put the manure that I'm hoping to get hold of this week as well. As ever, so much to do ;>)

And hopefully on one of these visits will remember to take the camera! Almost forgot, had to replant some of the garlic that had been pulled up by the birds - and I thought it was in deep enough for them not to notice!

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