14 October 2006

The First Planting!

The garlic is in. Four short rows have been planted, so fingers crossed!

OK so it doesn't look like much, other than a bit of a mess, but it's a start.

Another family trip today, youngest child sleeping soundly for the best part of it and oldest child doing his best to make the trip anything but relaxing, but then that's four year olds for you. Pair of them seen here in the fledgling tepee, being bribed to keep quiet with food!

The proposed play area continues to be cleared and the rhubarb was dug up and is lying on the soil hoping for a frost - apparently supposed to make it sweeter if you let the frost get at it. The tepee further up the plot continues to be developed, and despite complaints about the design I think he quite likes it really. Did a bit of tidying of hedge 'clipping' between us and beginning to make progress in finding soil at the bottom end of the allotment.

People, people everywhere!
When we first arrive there was a relative of a new allotment holder (no. 16) just finishing off spraying weed killer everywhere, then whilst unloading the car a plot holder of some 30+ years from further up the site came down to say hello. Handy to remember when we need some advice! Then when we were packing up a family came round to look at some of the vacant plots. Did my best to sell no. 43 to them - bizarrely the neighbouring plot to us, interesting numbering system down there. Hopefully this one will be taken soon.

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