1 November 2009

Still going!

Yes, I am still here but I seem to spend more time dismantling greenhouses than gardening these days. A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to acquire a free greenhouse, so long as I dismantled it and took it away. Despite having absolutely no experience in doing this, of course I said yes!

Obviously some help would be useful, so I managed to persuade a stranger I'd only spoken to on the internet into helping, who helpfully bought her OH along too. A couple of days later, and many aching limbs later, I'm now the proud owner of a dismantled greenhouse in two separate locations.

It's quite big and transporting that much glass and that sized frame across Sheffield - a city with a some big hills and a lot of pot holes - was very interesting!

To get this up on the plot, I now have to demolish the old brick base. Easy? No, it's actually in better shape than I'd realised and is reluctant to come apart. Also the ground level of the greenhouse is about 40cm lower than that outside the greenhouse. It's currently back to the drawing board about what to do about the base.

So whilst I'm thinking about that it was time to repay the greenhouse dismantling favour to Michelle. I'm not at all jealous it's bigger nor that it came apart far easier... ;>)

Where did the light go?
I do love the colours of autumn, but it does herald the shorter days. Which in turn means chances to visit the plot are few and far between. I have managed to collect several bags of leaves - my most successful crop perhaps? Being plentiful in supply you have to do nothing to them to make a tremendous mulch or better still leaf mold.

The garlic, onions, broad beans and peas remain unplanted.


mc55 said...

oh fabulous, shamed into posting and about time too ! LOL, we are not 100% convinced the gh is going to fit ... eek ! I've still not planted my onions, garlic, broadbeans or sweetpeas. Sigh.

Woody Wilbury said...

No reluctant old greenhouse base survives contact with a big enough hammer! That's the trick. A decent wrecking bar from B&Q would come in handy. But don't carry it openly as I think that counts as "going equipped" in the eyes of the law!