8 November 2009

Garlic Planted!

Despite it being far too wet, it was a case of take the opportunity available. So I planted about 15-20 cloves of Solent Wight and Jolimont. They're a lot bigger than the usual Thermidrome I've grown for the past 3 years, so be interesting to see how they get on - assuming they don't rot first.

I had another go at the old greenhouse walls. It appears as though the one at the back may have to stay there! It's reluctant to come down. So the greenhouse re-assembly plans are still on hold.

I also had a bit of a play with my new Azada, which I'm sure will be great when it isn't quite so wet. Certainly going to be good for those areas that still need to be sorted out and are covered in weeds.

I've lifted the netting higher on the brassicas (probably a good month later than I should have), so it's fingers crossed the rabbits don't get in underneath.

After the success of last years leaf mold/mulch in the large builders sacks I've been collecting some more from the valley below. We are lucky to have many trees in Sheffield, but I reckon it takes about 10 bin bags full of leaves to rot down to provide a multch for one of my beds. I've also learnt, the bags need far more holes in them than they had last year and the leaves from the lime trees in the valley are far quicker to rot down than beech leaves. So far I've filled one of the builders sacks. The other one is about half full of last years beech leaves which I'll top up again. I also have a smaller wire leaf mold basket which could do with filling up too. Not too mention (the long neglected) plot no 2...

It's also the time of year when my thoughts turn to getting a delivery of manure. Unfortunately, I'm not quite sure when I'll have the time between now and the end of the year to sort this out :>(


Woody Wilbury said...

You got one!! Hope you like it (the Azada) and it gives you many years good service.

RobD said...

Need a bit more practice with it, but I'm expecting big things from it!

mc55 said...

bugger, you got your garlic in ... now I know I'm really behind !

Nutty Gnome said...

Hi. I wandered into here from Woody's blog and now I'm hacked off 'cos I haven't got an Azada yet and I haven't put my garlic in yet and I haven't finished leaf gathering yet....! :)