29 September 2009

Gone but not forgotten

Some b*stard decided they'd nick my wheelbarrow the other day to cart off the rest of the scrap they were stealing from other plots around me :>(

They may also have taken the fork too - or that could just be a bit too well hidden and I've forgotten where I put it - again.

It was duly reported, but I doubt I'll be seeing it again. What's most upsetting is that there are several others in full view on other plots and mine was well hidden and on top of the manure heap.

Long overdue update on everything else coming soon...


Woody Wilbury said...

Truly they are b*tards.

Look forward to the update

Susan said...

Let hope they got covered in manure in the process. The swines.

Green Lane Allotments said...

No-one would bother taking our wheelbarrow as the handles are half rotted away but it serves it's purpose and a new one would be a temptation so try and find an old tatty secondhand one to replace it

Tim Holt said...

I'm on the Hagg House waiting list, eagerly anticipating getting a plot some time this year.

The reports of theft/arson/miscellaneous vandalism are a little worrying. Have you got any tips about what you can and can't get away with leaving on your plot?