2 January 2010

Happy New Year!

And to start the new year, here's your bill for your plots from the council: £30.60 for each plot. Not too bad, apart from just under half of that is for water. I think I've used the taps once in two and a half years. Well unless you count the incident where the tap broke and gallons and gallons of water poured out overnight...

Moving on... We could get 50% discount on plot no 1 as that is registered under Mrs D's name, but it's not like she get's down there more than once or twice a year so I feel guilty about claiming the discount.

A Visit from Santa
Once again the man in the red suit was most generous and I've just placed an order with Ken Muir for 3 blueberry plants with the vouchers I was given: Herbert, Nui and Ozkarblue. The plant is to get some large pots and put them down on plot no 1 in the 'play area' - well it's not like they're going to use the space now!

I've also got a voucher for the Organic Garden Catalogue, which should hopefully give me something to read over the coming weeks having just checked out the weather Forecast for the next couple of weeks :>o



Woody Wilbury said...

Hmm, interesting. Just got my bill too and they're charging me £42.20!!!!

It's still less than a pound a week but I wonder why the difference?

PS - Happy New Year! Can't see any gardening happening before February at the earliest, altho I suppose I could mooch around and kick things. Always enjoy that.

RobD said...

All to do with the size of the plot I think, your plot must be bigger than mine Woody.

Tchad said...

Ozkarblue did really well for us :-)