29 April 2008

In the night garden

My secret weapon

Used this last year and didn't seem to have too many slug 'issues', although they were probably washed away in the floods! Put this down tonight over the potato bed and around the strawberries, although may have had it a bit longer than recommended in the fridge. Certainly was the case for Mrs D...! Have got some more some more coming in a few weeks, the theory being a couple of applications about 6 weeks apart should take care of most of the little buggers in the soil and therefore save your potatoes and strawberries - in the latter case for the birds...

This is the first signs of the Orla's I put in before Easter.

Decided I'd best get the strawberries sorted out before it's was too late to move them. Last year I put them in a bit too close together and more importantly too close to the rhubarb so they were getting covered by the leaves from the rhubarb. They were also planted a bit too deep. So after moving the lavender and mint the other day I dug over the bed to remove any weeds and moved one row of strawberries (Gariguette) and spaced them out a bit more. I also moved a couple of the Chelsea Pensioners (the other strawberries, not some elderly residents of the plot!) to give them a bit more room too.

As you can see by the time I finished and took the photo, it was getting a little dark.


welsh girls allotment said...

Gardening in the dark is the new fashion !!!!

James Dougan said...

Hi Rob, glad to see somebody's spuds are emerging. I'm hoping to nip around after work to see if any of mine have struggled through the soil, but I've got the feeling they've drowned with all this rain!

Matron said...

That reminds me, I meant to buy some Nemaslug this year - Don't know if it really works or not but worth giving it a try.