5 May 2008


A controversial subject! Some people (no names mentioned!) "don't do flowers", but I'm a big fan of having some on the plot. In particular bulbs as they suit my style of gardening - i.e. you put them in the ground, they look after themselves!

Daffs are OK, but these tulips (Queen of the Night) have got to be worth space on anyone's plot.

I grow them for cut flowers and they're certainly a hit with Mrs D! This time last year she was in hospital so we missed them, guess that makes them all the better this year.

How much does it cost?
The general consensus seems to be that having an allotment costs more (financially) then you receive back in produce. However, given rising food prices I'm not so sure any more. I was looking at the price of rhubarb in the supermarket we usually use - 50p per 100g. I reckon I've had at least 5kg of the stuff of my plots, which is £25 at supermarket prices! Not even taking into account that I grow my crops organically. So I'm going to try and keep a record of what we harvest from the plots this year.


Anonymous said...

are those the infamous black tulips?! they're gorgeous!

Bainbridge Island flowers

Signe said...

I love tulips, and allready have planted some in my new little garden. The black ones you got is beautiful.