28 April 2008

Rhubarb, rhubarb, rhubarb!

So after hail, came snow and then sunshine. Obviously the latter was quite unexpected, which may explain the sunburn on the top of my head - sadly it's all a bit thinner than it once was up there these days!

In between the snow and the sunshine plot no 2 suffered some mindless vandalism. Some idiot went on the plot and threw over the shelving in the greenhouse with most of my plants on. Most of them were struggling to grow as it was, but if anyone's going to finish them off it should be my job! I got away lightly compared to one of the other plots on site that had the shed burned down.

The rhubarb at the new plot is now in full swing. Looking at it, I think I can easily split it up into about 8 crowns this winter, not to mention the four crowns I have on the old plot. So anyone got any good rhubarb recipes? So far we've had rhubarb crumble 3 times (main because my son loves it) and given some to the neighbours, but I can see (some of) us getting tired of the crumble.

Taking advantage of the good weather, on plot no 1 I got most of my potatoes in (Maris Piper, King Edwards, Pink Fir Apple and Salad Blue). The Orla's that I planted before Easter have just started to show through, as have the broad beans I'd all but given up on. I also planted a row of peas (telephone). And then spent most of the time 'harvesting' my crop of dock leaves. Now the weather has warmed up, the weeds have started growing very well ;>(

I did move the lavender and mint that were growing next to the strawberries so I can give the strawberries a bit more room to grow in, although may have to move them away from the rhubarb for that! The globe artichokes aren't showing any signs of life, possibly died? They did have great roots on them when I moved them earlier this year, but maybe the cold and wet killed them off? The daffodils are now past their best, but we got a couple of bunches from them and the tulips won't be long before they're in bloom.

Up on plot no 2 I took the kids up there on Saturday where they got very messy digging before eating their picnic - which on later inspections appeared they mainly ate sweets! Whilst they were doing that I planted out the dwarf peas (Hatif D'Annoy) I planted in toilet rolls and survived the greenhouse 'incident'. I also planted some more leeks (which hadn't survived the greenhouse 'incident' - Bandit and Pandora) and some carrots (Amsterdam Forcing).

The following day we went up en masse. The children dug again, this time with water for added mess/fun, their mum knitted and I dug more weeds. Couldn't get any volunteers to help plant the French Beans (Cherokee Trail of Tears), so planted them myself.


Amy said...

I just came inside after dividing my rhubarb and need to sit down for a spell, so I'm reading blogs :) I got seven divisions out of my big old plant! The rhubarb freezes very well if you chop it in pieces, lay them out on a cookie sheet and freeze them (so you don't get a big frozen chunk later), then pop the pieces into bags. I love chopped rhubarb added to apple pies. I have *the best* rhubarb muffin recipe my mother made for me as a child. I plan to post it soon :)

A Year In My Garden said...

I'm considering making my garden over to some fruit and beg this year and a bit of rhubarb will be high on my list of priorities.I haven't got as much ground to perpare as you have though - but it still seems like hard work. Rhubard muffin sounds good. My wife makes rhubarb cake.