5 February 2008

First planting of the year

Planted up some Sweet Peas and two different types of chillies - Ring of Fire and Hungarian Hot Wax, the former being the seeds from last years chillies. Would have planted more, but ran out of room on the window sill!

Bought some greenhouse staging cheap from Argos at a third of the normal price. This was obviously well publicised as they didn't seem to have stock in for long. Cheap and cheerful but good value at £6.66 and assembled it in the greenhouse on plot no 2, now with sweet peas on the shelves. Would have planted more up there, but the bags of what I thought were compost left on the plot were in fact bark chippings! So instead of staying in the greenhouse planting up some salad leaves I decided to give one of the fruit beds a weed and mulch with compost from the home composter. That was the time it rained very heavily and I got soaked...

Did discover that some of the raspberry canes up there are Tulameen, which apparently are a late variety that crops over a long period. Hopefully these will start before the Autumn raspberries on plot no 1.

A Shed
Got the key to the shed on the new plot. Loads of stuff left in there from previous plots holders - every thing from a huge container of weed killer, garden lime, tools, netting, a radio (still working and in its box!) and a birds nest.

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