30 January 2008

Some pictures!

Firstly the 'old' allotment:

The terraced beds, looking up from the bottom of the plot. I like to think it actually looks slightly better in real life!

Signs of life! Is it a bit early for the rhubarb to sprouting like this?

It was a cold, but clear day, looking down across the site towards the valley below.

The 'new' allotment
Entrance to the new plot. Small stone wall at the front, with the rest of the plot surrounded by privet. Shed (well hidden) to the left and greenhouse in the distance.

The Fruit bed with apple tree in the foreground. Rest of the bed has a mixture of raspberries, gooseberries and currants. Like the rest of the plot it could do with a tidy!

View from the plot looking over towards Hillsborough and north Sheffield.

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lilymarlene said...

I love your new plot.....no wonder you couldn't resist it!