16 February 2008

Need a bigger windowsill !

Seed planting continues apace. After visiting both plots on beautifully sunny days and discovering them both frozen solid it was time to put the greenhouse to good use! Planted up 3 trays of salad leaves (Romano Rosso, Red Cos and something else - which shall remain nameless for now as it's in the boot of the car and its seriously cold out there tonight!) with my young helper - who to be honest was more interested in sitting in the shed eating biscuits! He did want to do some digging to be fair, but kinda difficult when the ground is rock hard.

Back home planted 35 broad bean (Masterpiece Green Longpod)in toilet rolls in a polystyrene container. Also planted up a large pot of Carrots (Amsterdam Forcing) and covered them with fleece - mainly to keep them warm rather than to keep any carrot fly off them.

The chilli planted last year on the window sill continues to flower, so I attempted to pollinate them by using the kids paintbrushes. I now have two chillies growing!

Fighting for space on the window sill is some celeriac (Prinz), Celery (Green Utah), Brussels (Groninger and Seven Hills) and Cauliflower (Snowball). Not to mention various spots in the kitchen being taken up by potatoes chitting.

Still Frozen Solid
As the ground was still frozen on Saturday, I decided it was time to tackle the hedge (again). Sadly I didn't cut it down enough last year and it has grown very well since then, so started again from the top. After a couple of hours made it about a third of the way down the plot before realising I'd managed to break the pruning saw. I'd have been more upset but it's my Dads...! I think the top end of the hedge was worse then the rest, so hopefully get the rest down to a reasonable height on the next visit. Possibly with a new saw.

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jdougan121 said...

Sorry to hear the ground's still frozen. We've had it fairly mild so far, a few frosty mornings and freezing fog today, but hopefully get on the plot at the weekend. Dying to get my spuds in the ground as I've ran out of allotment produce.