3 July 2011

What's in the Trug?

Well I say 'trug' but actually I'm far too tight to buy one of those nice wooden trugs and no one has taken the hint and bought me one yet. So it's actually a plastic tray left over from the local fruit and veg shop.

So what's inside?

I picked a big bag of lettuce leaves from the Little Gem and Romaine Ballon, with a few beetroot leaves for variety. We're getting through a few bags a week, so that's saving a fair amount of money in itself. It also keeps far better than anything we buy and the salad spinner we were given as a wedding present almost 12 years ago now is finally paying its way!

There are three different herbs: a small amount of dill for Mrs D to pickle the gherkins with, some parsley and a huge bunch of coriander that was looking like it was about to go to seed. I'm growing a variety that is supposedly a cut and come again variety (Calypso), so I've hacked it back and will chop this lot up and freeze it with a small amount of water to put into curries as and when we need it.

Hidden under everything is a couple of pounds of Charlottes from two plants. I picked a small number of broad beans, hopefully just about enough to go with tomorrows tea! There's a couple of gherkins, a couple of beetroot and a solitary carrot!

The strawberries are still going strong and I picked another couple of punnets, although they still need careful picking over to spot the holes and chunks the birds and mice have had. I've been sharing the gooseberries with the birds - we're not big fans of the gooseberry really - but I did pick some in the hope inspiration will strike. And if you look really carefully in the strawberry punnet on top you'll spot a couple of blueberries (Nui).

Finally, there are some cornflowers and carnations for the wife, which stops her from getting annoyed with me when I say "I'm just popping out to do some watering" and come home an hour and a half later! Well it's dry out there ;>)


Sue@G.L. Allotments said...

We picked our first blueberries too - pity they ripen so irregularly. I'm sure more berries ripen as I am picking. Funny the birds don't seem to bother our gooseberries - famous last words!

Martin and Amy said...


What a great haul.

Just found your fantastic blog via UKVegGardeners.

Will follow you from now on.



Anonymous said...

wow looking good,
a lovely variety there :)

our blueberries are looking very dead indeed, both plants have gone a deep red (the whole plant not just leaves) and are dropping leaves, bit concerned really! anyway maybe they'll pick up if I keep tutting at them when I walk past.



Damo said...

A great harvest Rob, happy eating!

Woody Wilbury said...

Respect! That looks really good.