13 July 2011

Flowers on the plot... The answers

Quite a few of you had a go at naming the flowers in the blog entry - although I think Susan claiming to have 16 of them within minutes of me posting possibly intimidated some people from entering ;>) And you all obviously know your stuff, but no one got them all correct. So here are the answers:

1. Daisy - not sure what kind they were there when I got the plot and come back stronger each year.

2. Potato, maincrop can't remember which variety!

3. Chilli.

4. Cucumber - Paris Pickling.

5. Tomato.

6. Foxglove.

7. Allium - of the flowering variety rather than one going to seed.

8. First sweet pea of the year.

9. One of the last Broad Bean flowers.

10. Dahlia - not grown these before.

11. Creeping Buttercup, an ongoing battle to stop them rampaging across the plot.

12. Carnation.

13. French marigold.

14. It's a squash plant, I can't remember which one but looking at the number of flowers I'd guess it's one of the courgettes.

15. Phacelia - self seeded and much loved by the bees.

16. Dill - which seemed to be one of the difficult ones to identify.

17. Sunflower, one of the dwarf ones.

18. Coriander.

Thanks to everyone who had a go, have to try and think of something else later in the year!


Sue Garrett said...

I wonder how many peeked at other peoples answers - very tempting but promise I didn't 'til after posting my comments.

Susan said...

Ha ha intimidated by me? They'll know better next time. :)

Gordon Mason said...

Dill, eh. I knew it was an umbellifer but it had me stumped which one. the shame! And me a botanist (ex)

Nutty Gnome said...

I got the dill, but only because I've got some up the garden!
Didn't do so well on some of the flowers though!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for that. When's the next quiz???