1 February 2011

Too many seeds?

Well of course I have! And let's face it, if you're reading an allotment blog you probably have too. Those of you who think not, you are obviously in denial!

This year I have ordered:

  • Aubergine Ophelia
  • Beetroot Baby Action 
  • Broccoli Claret 
  • Broccoli Summer Purple 
  • Broccoli Xtra Erly Rudolph 
  • Carrot Marion 
  • Cabbage Endeavour 
  • Courgette Atena 
  • Cabbage Ruby Perfection 
  • Celeriac Monarch 
  • Gherkin Bimbostar 
  • Herb Basil Sweet Genovese 
  • Herb Dill 
  • Herb Sage 
  • Leek Sevilla 
  • Salad Leaves 
  • Baby Leaf Mix 
  • Lettuce Little Gem 
  • Flower Sprout 
  • Salad Leaves Finest Mix 
  • Coriander Calypso 
  • Chilli Pepper Jalapeno 
  • Parsley Plain Leaved 
  • Perpetual Spinach (Large packet) 
  • Tomato Chocolate Cherry 
  • Caliente Mustard 
  • Thyme Duo Pack 
  • Dwarf French Bean Amethyst 
  • French Bean Solista 
  • French Bean Cobra 
  • Broad Bean M/P Longpod 
  • French Bean Golddukat
  • Pea Early Annonay
  • Pea Telephone Tall
  • White Patty-Pan
  • Reine des Glaces lettuce
  • Latah Tomato
  • Phacelia Tanacetifolia
  • Nasturtium Tall Mixed
  • Sunflower Big Smile
  • Sunflower Tall Single
  • Sweet Pea Old Fashioned Mix
From Marshalls (via the Allotment Association discount scheme), Real Seeds and the Organic Garden Catalogue.

Then of course there were the potatoes:
  • 2.5kg Charlotte
  • 2.5kg King Edward
  • 2.5kg Desiree
  • 1.25kg Pink Fir Apple

And the onions:
  • Sturton (White)
  • Red Baron (Red)
  • Golden Gourmet (Shallots)

All from the local Allotment Shop.

So far I've resisted planting any seeds - although this is partly due to the peat free compost I bought from B&Q. It is rubbish, full of large pieces of bark. Fortunately it was OK to put in module trays to put the onions in - they're either going to sit in bags in less than ideal conditions until it's OK to plant them out or I can put them in trays to start growing and get some roots down, that will hopefully stop the birds from pulling them out when they eventually make it outside.


Craig Rockfield said...

I often have competitions when I have too many duplicate seed packets :D

Green Lane Allotments said...

Then they'll be the ones that come free from magazines and seed companies including them with your order! Not to mention blog competitions!


you can never have too many seeds it's just we all never have the space to grow them

Plantaliscious said...

I had a load of seeds arrive in the post just yesterday, and felt a little embarrassed at the quantity. And the fact that I already I had loads over from last year. Thank you for making me feel better - you have even more bean seeds than I do!

Green Lane Allotments said...

Thanks for the message via Duck Dinner dash - it would be great if the school you help would let you have something for my website. Remember if there are any children on any photos parents permission is needed to pop photos online.

Nome said...

Hehe, I'm behind and haven't bought my seeds yet, but I know how it'll go. And the really difficult bit is looking through all the old ones in my drawer and trying to decide what's too old now and what's still worth trying...