21 February 2011

Book Recycling

I'm very bored at the moment as it's either raining, snowing or sleeting (I'm not sure what it is as I write this, but definitely one of them!) or we're away somewhere. So time on the plot is somewhat limited - fortunately my employer is helping with this and making me redundant at the end of March, so should be a top growing season ahead! I should be more concerned I guess, but I'm quite looking forward to escaping the drudgery and a new challenge. Quite what that will be I have no idea.

However, back to the subject. I've just finished reading One Man and His Dig: Adventures of an Allotment Novice, a late Christmas present from my brother. Has to be said it's no literary masterpiece but it's vaguely entertaining and about allotments. However, I'm not going to read it again and it's only going to sit on the bookshelf with the other 20+ allotment related books gathering dust. So I thought I'd jump on the competition band wagon and give it away, rather than take it to one of the local charity shops. Just leave a comment on this blog entry before the end of February to go into the draw - job offers (or even suggestions!) could help your chances!

I realise I may not have given this the best 'sell' ever with my comments, but hey it's free and the reviewers on Amazon have given it five stars so far. The only condition attached is after you've read it, you need to offer it to your readers and continue the recycling chain. And if all goes well I might start offering some of the other books. Lord knows we could do with getting rid of some cook books!


Green Lane Allotments said...

The trouble is that when you have no job to go to you still seem to run out of time! It will be a chance to let life take a new direction though! Good Luck

Damo said...

Sorry to hear that, best of luck with the impending job hunt and hope you get some good allotment days in between. Nice idea to giveaway the book.

Plantaliscious said...

Love the idea of your book recycling chain. I was going to say sorry about the redundancy, but it sounds as if you are up for a change, so I hope it proves to be the start of not just a great growing season but a great new life. Maybe write a well-written and entertaining account of allomenteering?!

Woody Wilbury said...

Sorry to hear about the redundancy. Never a good time for that of course.

Great idea with the book recycling; I was never that keen on that particular book either!