30 March 2010

It might not look like it...

... but this is probably the tidiest the plot has been!

I've moved the comfrey to next to the leaf bags, cleared all the rubbish next to the leaves to the 'bonfire' side of the plot, moved the glass down to where the greenhouse will eventually go, added loads of wood material to the compost heap (which will take an eternity to rot down no doubt), used loads of old compost bags to cover the ground next to the leaves (which are now held down by the hose pipe and various logs from the tree), tidied away the netting and pots and raked all the rubbish off the path around the entrance to the plot and next to the compost.

It's tidier, just take my word for it!

Now I can actually get on to the plot, it's time to get a manure delivery in. Bit late, but should be OK for the potatoes still and a fun job for Easter. However to get the beans going I managed to 'score' a load of home made compost on offer from a local gardener who had too much for his own needs. Some of it needed to go back on the compost heap for a bit longer but most of it looked like good stuff and after borrowing the neighbours wheelbarrow (you so need a new one Dan!) I carefully (aka slung) over the bed for this years beans and peas, which you can see in amongst my cardboard crop:

I also added a load of compost around the old rhubarb:

Can't think where the mess from the top of the plot went...

Finally Easter's pudding (finger's crossed) is coming along nicely:

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Damo said...

your rhubarb's coming along nicely.