4 March 2010

I declare this season open!

First seeds planted this year. I'm probably a bit behing on previous years, not helped by not being able to find the propagator - must tidy up the cellar...!

After finding and cleaning it up, finally got round to planting this years chillies. I use the seed from last years chillies (Ring of Fire) - which begs the question why are chilli seed so expensive? I get more seeds from one chilli than I ever get from a packet of seed??? I also planted up some Padron (Spanish tapas type chillies) and Joe's Long, which I'm sure will be similar to the Ring of Fire. I've just sent off an order for some Hungarian Hot Wax as well - Mrs D doesn't request many specific varieties of plants, but this is one of them.

After last years disaster of no sweet peas (another request of Mrs D), I've made an earlier than normal start with them - which is probably still later than I should have put them in. So far I have Blue Velvet and Perfume Delight in, with Old Fashioned Mix on order too. I've not sure you can ever have a glut of sweet peas ;>)

Down on the plot, the garlic is finally showing signs of growing and the dafodills are just poking through the soil too. Unfortunately the bed with the dafs and tulips in is over-run with weeds so I've been having to dig it over, which probably isn't going to help them grow.

Must take camera to plot...


Susan Gee said...

It feels good to start planting something doesn't it? Goodbye winter.

chris said...

Hope you don't mind me becoming one of your 'fans'! I found your blog by chance and enjoyed your entries, with the excellent photos. I've always got a kick out of growing things. Don't know if you've looked at my blog, but give it a go and let me know what you think. When I first had a plot on our allotment site, 25 years ago, most of the plotters were middle-aged to older men. Now we have a really good mix of ages, with a number of young couples (and their children) taking on plots. There are also more women allotmenteers, like myself.
The growing season has started very late this year. I too have only just got round to sowing a few seeds. You can catch up with my efforts on my blog.

Incidentally, my husband is a Sheffield man and I lived there from the age of 11.

Green Lane Allotments said...

Don't woory about late sweet peas - we never sow ours before March and always have loads of flowers.

We are not sowing anything yet as the conditions are just not good enough but things do generally catch up.

Damo said...

Hi, just sown sweet peas myself, hoping it'll warm up nicely in the next few days for them. Best of luck.

Goldmember said...

I only cleaned out my greenhouse on Sunday evening. It was a right mess.

Sowing begins this coming weekend.

It'll all catch up!

mc55 said...

Ring of Fire ! Still chortling.

mc55 said...

Ring of Fire ! Still chortling.