26 April 2009

The Ghillie in action!

Bright(ish) on Saturday morning I set off for the plot, mainly to try out the Ghillie. Arrived just after 9am and there's at least 5 cars already there!

Started digging in the area towards the top of the plot that I've never really cleared since taking it on. Boy was it hard work! The ground is absolutely full of weeds and roots, and in about half an hour I'd hardly dug anything at all - a few square metres at best. I may try plan B, which is just to cover it over to kill off most of the weeds before attempting to dig it again in the Autumn - it's reaching the stage where realistically I'll be spending too much time weeding to keep on digging! So I hoed off a few weeds around the plot, including a fair few phacelia seedlings I'd forgotten about (oops!) before deciding it was time to make a cup of tea and a bacon sandwich.

It has to be said the first attempt was successful in making the tea, but needs a bit more work in cooking the bacon sandwich. Definitely a worthwhile investment though and will be getting a lot of use.

Whilst waiting for the kettle to boil I attempted to rescue the poor tulips. They're not looking anywhere near as good this year as last year - which may be due to the bed being completely swamped with weeds. It's looking very likely I'm going to have to dig them up to clear the bed completely later on in the year.

Tulips - Queen of the Night

This week, weather permitting, I plan to take the plunge and get the first of my French beans in. A bit early, but I'm going to cover them over with fleece and cross my fingers. The strawberries are also coming into flower so it's time to get the chicken wire fortress constructed!

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The Mulch said...

Nice bit of kit - I always bag a cuppa from my neighbour Keith as we don’t have a kettle.

I do have a little bbq that gets fired up occasionally.