7 April 2009

Catching up

Now the clocks have gone forward I've been taking the opportunity to go down in the evenings, together with a few hours at the weekend. As a result plot no is looking in reasonable shape - the fruit bed has been weeded, the scaffolding boards have been 'stood up' (i.e. I've put the supports in better so they stay upright) and some weed fabric has been put down on the paths around the bed. I also put in a couple of rows of Charlottes, some coriander, parsley, spinach and dwarf peas (Hatif d'Annonay). I finally managed to plant out my shallots (Longor) and some of the onions (Sturton). The rest of the onions desperately need planting out, but the purple sprouting broccoli is now performing very well in the space the onions are going to go.

I have 10 Asparagus crowns coming later this week, courtesy of the latest allotment association grant, but I've still to decide where they are going yet alone prepared the ground.

In between the weeding and planting I've been attacking the hedge (once again). This time I'm taking it down to about 3 foot high in an attempt to control it. My absentee neighbour hasn't exactly been much help (or any at all) with this and to be honest I'm not sure whether he's even coming back. Whoever is 'working' the plot will find a lot of privet piled up on it...

Plot no 2 is still been dug over and I've just about decided what is going where. I'm not going to grow any brassicas on this plot so it's just going to be potatoes, legumes and onions and carrots. Best finish the digging quick then!

The forced rhubarb is coming to an end, but the other rhubarb is now growing well. Picked some spinach, Jerusalem artichokes and purple sprouting broccoli, but I think the spinach is at an end now as I need the space.

Hopefully some photos soon, but couldn't seem the point in taking pictures of bare earth.


Goldmember said...

Ah go-on Show us a picture.
It'll be the only time of the year it will appear clean and under control.

City Diggity said...

Do you grow that white asparagus? Can't wait to see pics. Happy blogging!