1 February 2009

First planting of the year

It's far too cold out there to be doing anything that isn't going to keep me warm. Unfortunately whilst I could probably manage a bit of digging these days it would only be 'a bit', and this cold I've managed to pick up isn't helping matters so it's not really worth going down to the plot still at the moment.

Never mind, there's seeds to be planted! Despite my main order with King's Seeds (via our allotment association) still not being sorted (and they were crap sorting the order out last year too) I have plenty of seeds to keep me going. Some may say too many already... So the propagator was cleaned up and my helper summoned. At just under 4 years old she has perfect sized hand for filling small pots and handling seeds, and is keen too. She also has more knowledgable than her mother who asked if I was planting potatoes in the propagator...

Using the root trainers acquired over winter (aka toilet rolls), we planted 20 Broad Beans (Green Windsor) then a dozen sweet peas. We then sieved the compost and added some sand from the kids sandpit outside to create our own potting compost. This was put in three trays, in which we planted Chillies (Ring of Fire and Hungarian Hot Wax) and some seeds from Tesco finest pointed red peppers. Well the amount we seem to spend on them it's got to be worth a try! This was pretty much the same planting at the beginning of the season as last year, but miraculously a whole 4 days earlier this year ;>)

Come Sunday, I had hoped to pick up a cheap bin from Wilkinson's to force one of the rhubarb crowns but they were sold out ;>( Then it started to snow. I can take a hint. After watching Sunderland throw away the game against Newcastle when it was there for the taking (sigh), the plan was to make some marmalade. Probably should have checked on the sugar supplies first...


Gordon Mason said...

Crikey, you're well ahead of me. I've got the seeds but haven't yet done the grandiosely titled "Sowing Schedule". Well, you have to have something against which to measure lack of progress!

The Mulch said...

Today I have planted

36 more broad beans. (the winter experiment seems to have failed so in with some more).

100 peas

All year round salad - one tray

Oriental Salad 1/2 tray

Corn Salad 1/2 tray

Tomatoes - Free Seeds.

Celeriac - Five tonnes.

Gald to hear you are on the mend. Happy gardening - amongst the rain and snow - Hope the storms we are due tomorrow pass you by

Unknown said...

way ahead of me too ... despite my good intentions I've not yet managed to sow anything yet this year :(

Wish this flippin snow would disappear, I've got earlies to plant !!!