16 November 2006


Supposed to be on my way to Coventry now, but the car failed it's MOT meaning I'm getting a very early train in the morning...

On the plus side, the first seeds have arrived! Ordered from The Real Seed Catalogue the other day, they are now sitting on the desk, whilst I wonder where to put them where they will be safe from little hands. Mrs D being big on tomatoes requested five different varieties, as well as cucumbers for pickling. We also ordered butternut squash, peas and French beans. The full list being:

  • Paris Pickling (cucumber)
  • Waltham Butternut (squash)
  • Aurora (tomato)
  • Costoluto Fiorentino (tomato)
  • Dragsennost (tomato)
  • Gardeners Delight (tomato)
  • Gigante Liscio (tomato)
  • Cherokee Trail of Tears (French bean, worth buying for the name alone!)
  • Hatif d'Annonay (pea)
  • Telephone (pea)

which came to a grand total of £16.75.

We've always wanted to grown fruit and veg where the flavour is the most important factor and after they were recommended by WelshGirlsAllotment (thanks for that!) the philosophy of Real Seeds seems to match our aim. The seeds also come with instructions on how to save your own seed for subsequent years which could prove to be very useful also. Other seeds will be ordered after Christmas, in the hope of receiving some vouchers as presents and to allow me to pay for the car to pass its MOT ;>(

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Welsh Girl's Allotment said...

Our families seem to have similar ideas - I have chosen Cherokee trail of tears as well purely for the name and history what a tale - they must be good can't wait to plant and eat !