6 June 2011


Not the usual subject for the allotment blog, but turns out the whole geometry thing has its uses after all. After a couple of attempts to put the anchor plates in for the polytunnel I was nowhere near putting them in square on each occasion, despite the recommended approach using string, etc. in the manual. Given it's a while since I used any mathematics in anger (well pure maths anyway), I must confess to having to look up how to calculate the hypotenuse of a right angled triangle.

The good news is, it worked a treat and the anchor plates are secured and in the right position. And there's no more maths talk for this blog! The help of a nine year old boy cannot be under-estimated either and he was suitably rewarded with a trip to the sweet shop.

A trip later on this evening to do some much needed watering, also confirmed that the hoops fit OK so all systems are go with the construction now. There would be some pictures with this if I wasn't so knackered! Maybe tomorrow, but now the remains of my beer awaits before bed.


Sue Garrett said...

I always think of a triangle ratio 3x4x5 for a right angle triangle.
WE are continually watering too.

Paul and Melanie said...

lol well done with the maths, its good to know school has its uses ;)

Polytunnel sounds great too, look forward to seeing pics when it's up... :)

Mo said...

Hehe! Well done to you both :)