19 May 2011

A bit of a tidy up

I thought I'd move the plastic greenhouse to put it next to the 'cold frame' I'd cobbled together the other day. So I emptied out the plants - which was a surprisingly large number and moved it into the old greenhouse area. Only to find it didn't fit. I then took apart the cold frame - which took far longer as I was too lazy to put it together properly in the first place - and moved it along a bit so the greenhouse would fit in. That done, all the plants were put back:

Now the plan was to tidy up the old play area where the plastic greenhouse was so there was somewhere to sit on the plot, only I ran out of time. So not really much of a tidy up at all really!

Elsewhere on the plot, everything is still crying out for water so I gave as much as I could a really good soaking. I'm almost at the stage of having to use the tap. The strawberries are forming so they are getting more water than most things on the plot at the moment so we don't end up with mis-shaped fruit:


Although they could do with some straw and netting sooner rather than later. The large alliums I originally thought I was growing for cutting (they're far too good for that!) are out and stunning.

Along with the rosemary next to it, there are bees everywhere. Hopefully a few of them are making the short trip to the strawberries nearby. Even with loads of bees around they are surprisingly difficult to photograph well, but will a bit of perseverance (i.e. taking a lot of photos) I managed to come up with a decent one:

The peas and beans are slowly beginning to get going, but like everything else suffering from a lack of water:

Finally finished off the bean netting and put some lettuce in the middle to grow whilst waiting for the beans and peas to grow - which could be a while since I didn't manage to get them in! I also put in some of the sweet peas in various places along the netting. Sadly the camera stopped cooperating by this stage.

Exciting News!
The optimistically titled 'polytunnel bed' in the last post is indeed to become the polytunnel bed! Negotiations with Mrs D went somewhat easier than expected: "Can I get a polytunnel for the allotment?". "If it'll get all your plants out the garden, then yes". Before she had chance to change her mind I ordered a 15 x 8 foot polytunnel from First Tunnels which was the biggest tunnel I could get in the space I have left, and not much smaller than the largest size allowed on Sheffield Allotments. Hopefully it'll be here before the end of the month.


Mo and Steve said...

Congratulations on your "planning permission" :)

Janet/Plantaliscious said...

+1 on the "planning permission" - I'm jealous, I love working in a polytunnel in the rain, it feels delightfully like cheating.

Sue@Green Lane Allotments said...

Just started to pick our strawberries from our new plants and like you need to put down some berry protection but with high winds forecast I am waiting a few days. Rain would be good!