23 December 2010

If I'd wanted frozen veg...

... I'd have gone to the supermarket!

Sadly this extended cold spell has meant frozen soil for ages now - I forget quite how long, but it's getting quite boring not being able to do anything down on the plot. Unfortunately the frost got my potatoes stored in the outhouse, not hugely surprising given how cold it's been but it was a sad day today having to buy potatoes in the local fruit and veg shop for Christmas dinner.

There's some sprouts in there somewhere

However the sprouts have survived the snow and frosts. The snow brought the netting down and I don't think the purple sprouting broccoli is going to survive. [Cry] The sprouts are frost solid though and it was oh so cold picking them. Thought I'd pick them a couple of days early to let them defrost! I was going to get some 'reserve' sprouts from the fruit and veg shop in case my frozen ones aren't so good, but all the ones in the shop were frozen from when they been picked in the field too.

The snow down on the plot had formed some great flakes/crystals too:

I'm keen to get some above freezing temperatures as I'm desperately trying to keep a new blackcurrant bush alive inside the house before I can plant it out anywhere. It's currently living in the kitchen still in the bag being regularly watered, but it really needs to get planted. Somewhere. Anywhere.

Finally, from the less grumpy cat of Sheffield:

Happy Christmas!

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Green Lane Allotments said...

We've yet to checl on our stored potatoes in the garage - we have sacks full so I am a bit worried after what everyone else has said. Our sprouts never grew anyway but we have some parsnips earlier dug up which I hope will be OK in the garage and some carrots. If you can freeze them anyway surely they will have survived - won't they?