15 August 2010

Look at the hedge on that!

The Allotment Association was fortunate enough to get a grant for a hedge cutter earlier this year and I finally got my hands on it a couple of weeks ago. Harder work than I thought it would be - truth be told my arms ached for several days after, but that may have something to do with my nice comfy office job and not being used to manual labour! However, I'm quite pleased with the results. Even the hedge inside the plot isn't looking too bad, but you'll have to take my word for that!

Nice bulbs!
Those of you struggling with onions and garlic this year, look away now!

Plot no. 1
Plot no. 2
First onions
Garlic, almost ready for plaiting

This is the 'reward' for our summer up here, apart from a few weeks in June it's been wet enough for them to grow very well, possibly my best year yet. Well for the white onions anyway, reds are a bit disappointing. The kitchen has been home to a tray full of shallots and another of garlic drying for the last couple of weeks too - as it's been far too wet to dry them outside. It does mean we end up waking to an onion/garlic aroma though and the bad news is I haven't dug up many of the onions yet...

Elsewhere on plot no. 1 the sunflowers are looking good, although they may be getting a bit too big to support themselves now and they could do with a bit more sun so they actually come out!

However, after that it all starts going downhill... The bottom of the plot has been 'lost' again and will need to be reclaimed so I can eventually get the greenhouse up.

Erm, wildlife area...
There should be a greenhouse here!
Continuing on the weed theme...

There's some Brussels in here
After a couple of hours I 're-discovered' this bed, reclaiming it from the weeds, planting some Purple Sprouting Broccoli (a bit late I know), giving them all some seaweed meal and re-netting the whole bed. Sadly no pics of this hard work, but I'm hoping to mulch the bed with leafmold later today to keep the weeds down - hopefully with camera in attendance.

Up on plot no. 2, the lettuce are going to seed (must try successional sowing...), the courgettes (aka marrows - must not go on holiday in summer again) are growing like mad, getting plenty of peas (all of which are eaten before ever seeing a saucepan), even some carrots (!), beetroot (which makes a great chocolate beetroot cake!), french beans are coming along well but could do with some sun and the pumpkin patch is giving the bindweed a run for its money.

The apple trees are loaded with fruit too, although a bit small still.

 And finally, the reason why I can get away with spending many a long hour on the plots...

... keeping Mrs D supplied in sweetpeas!


Linda said...

A good year for onions here too. But no sweet peas. I can almost smell the delicious scent wafting form your last photo.

Woody Wilbury said...

Damn fine hedge, that. Mind you, at home, we've replaced ours with a fence. No need to cut that!!

Laura O'Neill said...

Beautiful onions. A lot of our winter onions were more like the size of shallots. Back to summer onions next year I think!

Damo said...

Very jealous of your onions! Fine hedge.

Dawn said...

Hi there, first reply from me, apologies for my rudeness. We didn't get half the onions you got, but it's been our first proper harvest this year so we've been pleased with whatever has come up.
Having the same problem with 'lost' parts of plot. So difficult to get on top of. Love your blog, and very helpful for us too, cheers! Dawn.

tina said...

Sweetpeas and their fragrance is enough to keep anyone happy! Sure wish I could grow them here. They are most lovely in their vase.

Matron said...

Spectacular onions! It has been a good year down on the plot.