31 July 2010

Gardening with the kids

School holidays are here and they're already bored, so a trip to the allotment was in order. They largely moan at the thought of this but always enjoy themselves when they get there, and today was no different. So they came, dug, planted, ate, argued and got muddy. Very muddy. So much so they needed a complete change of clothes when we got home!

First they tortured some worms:

Then they planted some leeks:

Big brother made the holes and his sister planted the leeks. After watering them in they had a snack on some fresh peas before checking on how the carrots were doing under the fleece:

"It's a whopper!" Yes that's why he actually said after pulling up that carrot! It might not be the biggest carrot in the world, but it's probably the biggest I've ever grown so he's right in one way!

His sister was quite excited with her carrot as well. Then of course they ate them.

The arguments started to come along a bit more frequently after that so we took this as a sign to go home (picking another courgette first) where they proceeded to eat courgette, mint and feta 'cakes' (savoury) and then courgette cake (sweet) later.


Amy said...

Wow, courgette, mint and feta cakes sound gorgeous! Where did you get the recipe from?

Green Lane Allotments said...

And courgette soup, and courgette fritters and courgettes salad and courgette ...

Susan Gee said...

Like the looks of delight at the carrot harvest. Nice.

Damo said...

I'm looking forward to our two getting old enough to join in more, at the moment they are in the pulling off leaves and flowers stage!