23 June 2010


Despite the plants being 4 years old, it's fair to say this years' harvest is the best ever. The chicken wire defence is doing its job very well this year and picked over half a kilo of strawberries this morning. And very nice they were too!

In a rare departure from the plots I thought it was worth showing a few pictures from the garden. Firstly after a slow start (cold winter followed by late pruning) the roses are just beginning to come out:

First up is Evelyn, tucked away in the top corner of the garden where no-one can get to it - much to Mrs D's disgust.

Secondly, Gertrude Jekyll. It's a great rose for the garden it's absolutely prolific, survives my harsh (and late) pruning and loves being next to the compost bin.

Also in the garden are this years tomatoes after the loss of the greenhouse on the plot. This one (Aurora) has been outside for some time and is thriving in the sun at the moment. If these actually get to the stage where they ripen it will be my most successful year with tomatoes!

Finally, the window box is a complete sun trap and after many attempts to grown things in there and failing, this year we're trying strawberries. They're plants from the runners from plot no. 1 and didn't go in 'til quite late. Really I should have taken the flowers off this year to allow the plants to establish a bit more, but where's the fun in that!

You can never have too many strawberries!


Susan Gee said...

Those strawberries do look great. Yum.

Green Lane Allotments said...

Like you masses of strawberries - we too have Evelyn it's a beautiful rose. We chose our varieties for perfume. A rose isn't a rose for me if it doesn't smell like one!

A Crafty Natter said...

Wow, what a crop! I think I need more plants lol