9 May 2010

"Are you going to do anything with that greenhouse?"

Having sat in the garden since I collected it, gradually killing off the lawn I put down last year, Mrs D has been dropping subtle hints that I should do something with it. So I dug out the instructions and measured out the base to start the foundations.



The greenhouse to go in just fits inside the old walls of the previous greenhouse, which will hopefully help to retain the heat. Given the size of the greenhouse it needs some decent foundations, so the plan is to put down some concrete before laying one course of bricks on top on this to put the greenhouse on. I'm now a big fan of instant concrete! Whether it has been accurately measured and is level, well stay tuned to fine that out but hopefully these can be 'ironed out' when I lay the bricks.

Elsewhere on the plot, not much happened after carrying several bags of concrete! However I weeded round some of the fruit bed. The strawberries are coming into flower:

The gooseberry bush is just beginning to start forming fruits:

Along with the red currant next to it:

My dwarf peas are through:

And the broad beans I started off in toilet rolls are slowly getting going. Like the rest of the plot, they could do with the weather being a bit warmer:

The garlic is doing better this year than last. It's in a nice sunny location and I've been giving it a bit more care and attention after the disappointment of last year. It's been a bit battered in the wind recently so I straightened up a few of them and firmed them it. Next years strawberry bed in in the foreground, some of them have some flowers on which I will take off to promote the plants growth - I did this with the blueberries on the plot too, although I was sad to do this hopefully it will play off next year.

Finally, the shallots are looking quite happy now it's been a bit wetter, here shown in a rare (almost) straight line on the plot!

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Damo said...

The greenhouse will be great when it's up. Everythings taking its time this year with the cold nights, patience required, not my strong point!