18 April 2010

Time to plant something out!

I'm a little behind with the planting this year, and not just due to the cold weather. So to plant the rest of my potatoes out on plot no 2 I enlisted help:

They did need a little pursuading, but once 'on site' they got stuck in:

Well one of them did, his sister taking a more supervisory role:

We did manage to get in the rest of the potatoes: 3 rows of Romeo and 1 and a half Pink Fir Apple. The onions will have to wait for another day as I volunteered to go on a site inspection (long story!) on the other site. Almost 3 hours later trying to figure out the worlds most bizarre alltoment numbering system - and a lot of chatting! - we were done:

We never did find plot no 174 (bottom right of the map), lost to the wilderness.

Today I managed to plant out 3 rows of broad beans and a few rows of onions and shallots - all of which had been started off at home in toilet rolls (aka root trainers) for the broad beans and modules for the onions and shallots, which allowed them to get a start and put down roots before planting out. And for me to prepare the ground...

It is incredibly dry at the moment on the plots so I gave all the new plants a good soaking once them were in, as well as watering the garlic and newly planted strawberries. Fortunately the 'streams' running through the site are still plentiful since the water is not on yet.


Susan Gee said...

Some good helpers you've got there!

Damo said...

Great to see the children getting involved.

Goldmember said...

Mine like digging holes. But not in the places I need them. Bribes of sweets and rented dvd's sometimes helps persued them to pitch in but sometimes even thats not enough. They are like magnets to trees easy to climb but impossible to get down from and tripping over netting, stakes, each other.