9 May 2009

2009 Spot the shed competition

Plot no 2 doesn't get the attention it deserves at times and as a result it's not likely to be winning this years prize for the best allotment in Sheffield:

(clue: the shed is somewhere in this picture)

Even the pond is looking a bit sorry for itself. It's not helped by the fact I think the liner has a 'puncture'. OK I admit it in attempted to clean out some of the weed a few weeks back I think I must have split it.

What the pictures don't show is quite how well my ground elder and dandelions are growing... Much hoeing later they're still there, just not growing as well.

Fortunately not everything on this plot looks so bad, the main area for veg isn't too bad.

The potatoes are just coming though in the foreground, followed by some dwarf French beans under the fleece (well they will be once they come though!), broad beans (about 3-4cm high) with some rather sickly looking onions in the distance - not sure if I planted these a bit late?

The highlight of the plot though is the apple trees, currently in full blossom:

The newly planted strawberries from the runners from plot no 1 are just coming into flower. The plants aren't looking that healthy, but not too bad for their first year. They also suffer from being in the shade of one of the apple trees - never really thought that planting area through beforehand!

Finally managed to fix the greenhouse window (temporarily) and release the bee trapped in there, before hacking away at more dandelions around the greenhouse.


The Mulch said...

We have the committe gestapo in full force this year. Im glad you have a relaxed plot.

Its getting quite bad with peoples plots being repremanded by the forceful "Inspector" and his clipboard.

Allotment Dad said...

Hi there

Have been enjoying/inspired by your allotment blog for a while. Just thought I would let you know I have started my own at http://allotmentdad.wordpress.com/ - please stop by!