15 March 2009

Rhubarb Watch

It's almost reaching the top of the pot so I'm going to have to pick it at some point in the next few days. The colour is amazing - compare it with the colour of the unforced rhubarb to the left. It's growing at great speed as well, it's at least 10cm longer than last week.

Back to the digging
Plot no 2 being a long way behind 'schedule' the whole family spent a couple of hours 'digging' on Saturday. OK the children mainly dug holes, filled them with water and then connected them, whilst getting completely filthy. All of which would have been fine apart from the washing machine broke down with their clothes inside still. Mrs D helpfully dug up some weeds whilst I dug over as much as possible before the children got bored.

So on Sunday I returned to finish the digging, seeing this as a better alternative to watching the England v France game. Upsetting as it turned out to miss the game, the plot is looking a lot better for my efforts.

Fruit bed
This is the newly enlarged fruit bed with the strawberries in the foreground (which you can't really see!), having the luxury of the same amount of space as one apple tree, 4 large blackcurrant bushes, a patch of summer raspberries, one gooseberry bush and the sprawling mass of rhubarb. Hopefully they will appreciate the space.


Susan said...

Does forced rhubarb taste better than if you just let it grow naturally? I realise that you get it earlier by doing this but as the colour is very different, was just wondering if the taste was too. I haven't tried it.

RobD said...

Supposed to be sweeter when you force it, first time I've tried it - I'll let you know in a day or two! And yes, since I'm not short of rhubarb, it does extend the season.

Goldmember said...

We dont watch many England Vs France games together as it becomes very explosive. My wife is French and she gangs up on me with her mother if they are winning and they get it back from me when we do.

I decided it was probably best to get over the plot for a few hours when the game was on. Given the scoreline. I think that was probably a wise thing to have done.

Thats lovely looking rhubarb. I planted some a month ago. Are you supposed to crop it in its frist year?