1 October 2007

Is that the top of my allotment I see?

The site had a working day to clear up rubbish from the plots - most of them having being 'inactive' for many years other than as a dumping ground. Essentially this working day consisted of 4 large skips, plus tea and bacon sandwiches.

Many exhausting hours later, I can see the hedge at the top of the allotment! I could barely drag myself off the plot at the end of the day, and the photos were in fact taken the following day. Thanks to my labourer for coming over to help out. The next big job is to fill the newly found space with a load of manure.

Lack of updates
As the nights have drawn in, I've not had time to get down to the plot in the evenings any more. Mrs D has had another knee operation as well so is currently out of action again. All in all this has meant little time to see what's happening down on the allotment. But to summarise, lots of weeds have grown, the remains of a dead chicken were left on one of my beds (although whatever left it there came back later and finished it off!) and the pheasants and pigeons have feasted on my buckwheat.

Still getting the odd courgette and a few raspberries. The parsley is doing really well, just wish I'd planted some more coriander. The Jerusalem artichokes are now starting to flower, and must be about 8-10 foot tall - seem to remember should have cut the tops out before they got to this stage...!

The flowers (don't know what they are, any suggestions?), I put in from home are doing well and attractive hoverflies. One of the plans for autumn is to create more wildlife friendly areas - after trashing the wilderness they were all enjoying before I took over the allotment.

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threadspider said...

Glad to see you are back blogging again. I think your flower may be a tradescantia. There are garden varieties as well as those indoor spider plants.