10 June 2007

First Produce!

Spinach, not necessarily everyone's favourite vegetable, but when it's the first thing you get to eat off your allotment it's amazing how good it tastes! Mrs D incorporated it into her veggie lasagne, and very good it was too.

The first lot of spinach (Matador) is rapidly going to seed now, but there's still another half a row in so hopefully get another bag full before that goes to seed.

I hate scaffolding boards!
Matt from a couple of allotments away managed to source a load (70+) of old scaffolding boards. These were delivered to the site yesterday (Saturday), possibly the hottest day of the year so far. Let's just say with the slope on the site, I was more than a little tired when we'd all moved them to the various plots for making raised beds. I have to confess I didn't even think about starting to make any raised beds yesterday!

I put weed control membrane round the strawberries and covered them with netting in the hope that I can actually get to eat the ripening strawberry before the rabbits/mice/pigeons/take your pick get there first. Then retired home for a long shower and to rest my aching back.

To finish, a picture from home of two damsel flies, using the top of the kids sandpit as a pond to lay their eggs - I'm assuming that's what they're doing, but if anyone else knows better...

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