18 May 2007

Some more pictures

First visit for a while, managed to plant some beans and carrots (to make up for the no show of an earlier sowing) and do a bit of weeding. As you'll see from the pictures, not enough weeding! Note to self, take hoe down next time!

One of the more successful strawberries. Bit disappointed to see 6 of the strawberry plants had died, dispite planting them and caring for them as per the instructions from the supplier (Ken Muir). Fortunately they were under guarantee and a quick email and reply confirms 6 new plants will be sent out shortly, so sometimes worth paying that bit more for quality service.

The remains of the tulips, sadly didn't get down with the camera to capture them in their prime.

The forest of Garlic! I think I'll be supplying most of Sheffield with garlic at this rate.

Jerusalem Artichokes. Despite not planting them at the correct depth and distance apart, they seem to be doing OK.

Some stray mint has appeared, ironically just after I'd planted some in a controlled way by sinking a pot in the ground. However, I'm happy to leave this where it is at the moment since it's where the daffs and tulips were.

A shot of onions, shallots and spinach.

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Matron said...

I also had a no show of a whole row of resistafly carrots from T&M. What a waste of a months lovely rain. I've bought stuff from Ken Muir in the past - they do have wonderful customer service, and they are THE BEST for strawberries.